About Us

Why Tonctone.com? You might ask.

There are already many many audio sites in the world, from big names such as Musicradar.com to small niche sites like the Electriguitarhub.com that I just discovered.  What start a new one?

The reason is simple. Despite the many sites, there are still many questions that are asked online for which there is no satisfactory or comprehensive answers. The big sites are great at providing guides for board level topics or questions like how to set up your home studio or best electric guitar reviews etc. The small sites go too deep into niche topics that only a small audience can appreciate. What are about very specific questions that are missed by the big sites and not covered by the niche one? This is the gap where we hope Tonctone.com can played a part in covering.

To be honest, we are never going to answer 100% of these questions asked but we do our best to  answer as many as we can. Our very first article is an example where we try to lay down, as systemaatic as we can, the difference between studio monitor and hifi speakers.

If you can any unanswered questions, please feel free to ask us directly either through the comments or a direct email via the contact us page.